Best of Boston: 2017

2017: The Rise of the Underground

2017 was a phenomenal year for the city of Boston, Massachusetts and the New England area in general. Known as the city of champions, our sports legacy is now starting to inspire our musical achievements. From Micheal Christmas’s Make Em Jala’ Burger King Promo, Cousin Stizz and Vintage Lee getting onto the 2k soundtrack, Joyner Lucas’s I’m Not Racist grabbing a firm hold of the world’s attention and a groundswell of underground shows and mixtape releases from the likes of Plad Finesse, Boogie Da God, Patrick Michel and more.

Boston has found a new blueprint for success: cohesive projects, clean visuals and thoughtful promotion through shows and social media are taking artists and DJs (shoutout SuperSmashBroz for winning the Boston Music Awards DJ of the Year) from unknown to on the rise.

Fresh Out the Mint has linked up with our brothers at Graduation Music to put together our Top 50 tracks of the year! With so many triumphs in the city and beyond, we know it could be nearly impossible to capture every one of them but we wanted to highlight as much of the varied talent as we could and get Boston music fans salivating for what’s to come.

Here’s our Best of Boston 2017 list: