Catch A Glimpse: Madeintyo and 24hrs Light Up Boston

A few days ago, Madeintyo and 24hrs touched down in Boston for the Made In Tokyo tour – and they came with enough energy to light Paradise Rock Club up.

Both performers had the crowd locked in, as 24hrs worked through his set list, including hits like VSVSVSYou Know, and Twenty Did It Again. The stage took on pink and purple hues, which matched 24hrs’ aesthetic and art. 24hrs worked his way around the stage, occasionally hidden in his hoodie.


Madeintyo came to the stage with different methods in mind. Tyo hit the stage and used his energy to his advantage, bouncing through his singles like Cashing OutPicture Me Rollin, and ending the night with viral hit, Skateboard P. The LED board worked through Madeintyo’s artwork, like for his latest EP True’s World. 24hrs joined Madeintyo on stage for a while, and the brotherly love filled the room through the crowd.

Check the photos below to get a glimpse of what the night was like. All photos shot by @gregisonfire.